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CHEM-IS-TRY, Inc offers full range of services in custom manufacturing of organic compounds for the Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Fine and Specialty Chemical industries. We can develop and scale-up new process or can follow your process under confidentiality agreement. We usually refine process given by you to suite large scale productions with high yield and low costs. Major Key benefit with us is protection of intellectual property through mutual nondisclosure agreement, security of supply, and cost reduction. Even if we improve on technology given by customer, still it always remains the exclusive property of the customer.  We also share improvements in technology developed by us with the customer free of cost to help drive down costs and improve on yields.

Our unique combination of U.S. ownership and decades of experience in overseas manufacturing allows us to provide exceptional services to our customers with low cost effective solutions. The proximity of our manufacturing site to raw material sources and international ports is very helpful in turning around the project in short period of time, particularly for high-volume or cost-sensitive projects. We would summarize our capabilities as follows:

Process and analytical Capabilities:

  • Glass lined reactors (500 -3000 L); stainless steel reactors (1000 – 5000 L).
  • High and low vacuum, stainless steel centrifuges, rubber lined basket centrifuges, sparkler, single plate stainless steel filters, etc.
  • QA using state of the art analytical instruments such as UV, IR, HPLC, GC, GC-MS and access to NMR and on-line literature search.


Development Capabilities:

  • We have adequate qualified technical team available for the development that is capable of taking your project from the development stage into production in the required time-frame. For new products and processes, this can often be the most critical factor in the success of a project.
  • We always take into consideration environmental or safety concerns before commercial production.

We request you to send us the chemical name and CAS number of the compound you want to be manufacture and we will get back to you with a quote within the 24 – 48 hours


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