Top 10 Reasons to choose CHEM-IS-TRY, Inc.

  1. New Jersey (USA) based company with over 18 year solid track record of customer satisfaction
  2. Provides multi-faceted services–custom synthesis, GMP contract manufacturing, process development, purification, etc.
  3. Facility inspected by various US government agencies
  4. Experienced staff with advanced degrees (Ph.D., MS)
  5. Guaranteed strict confidentiality, IP-protection and privacy policies
  6. Established partnerships to support you with your sourcing needs
  7. On-site QC lab
  8. Your partner for “Stinky and Corrosive” chemistry
  9. Why deal with a foreign company and wonder about quality, deal with regulatory challenges, customs clearance, unreliability,and wonder if you’ll ever get the product you ordered?
  10. CHEM-IS-TRY, Inc focuses on “e-Synthesis” – Easy, Economical, Effective, Eco-friendly                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     – Our name says it all – CHEM-IS-TRY, Inc. -

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2nd Jun 2011 
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